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  1. Contact your solicitor as soon as you find a property in which you're interested
    Your solicitor will carry out the whole negotiation process and submit an offer on your behalf. If you can act quickly, your solicitor may be able to negotiate a deal before other buyers have had a chance to register their interest in the property.

  2. Your solicitor will note interest with the seller's agent
    The seller's agent will probably wait until several buyers have noted their interest on a property before setting a closing date. This will give you time to arrange finance and have the property surveyed. Occasionally the seller may negotiate with you, or even accept your offer, when you note interest.

  3. A closing date will be set by the seller
    All buyers will be notified of the date and time of which any offers have to be submitted. Your solicitor will submit your offer, only after following your instructions.

  4. An offer will be accepted by the seller
    The highest offer is usually selected by the seller, but he or she is not obliged to do so. Shortly after the closing date you will find out whether you were successful with your offer. If your offer is accepted, the seller's solicitor will negotiate to reach agreement on any conditions relating to the offer. After all parties are in agreement, the contract (or "missives") can be concluded, consituting a binding contract between the buyer and seller.

  5. Between the stage of offer and date of entry
    Your solicitor will undertake several tasks during this period, including checking the title deeds, examining all relevant searches, drafting the deed that will transfer title to you, preparing the security documentation relative to your mortgage, liaising with your mortgage lender over the release of funds and generally ensuring that all obstacles to the sale are removed.

  6. Date of entry
    On an agreed date, the purchase price will be transferred to the seller's solicitor by your solicitor. In exchange for the title deeds and keys to the property. Your soliciter will arrange to have the property registered in your name.


  1. First steps
    After explaining our terms and conditions of business and providing a detailed written quotation of fees and outlays, we arrange for a valuation of your house to establish a realistic selling price in the current market.

  2. Preparation of sales details
    A Visit to your house from a Property Manager will be arranged to prepare sales details.

  3. Title deeds
    The title deeds to your house will be obtained from your lender.

  4. Warrants, letters, guarantees and planning permissions
    We check availability of any relevant Building Warrants, Letters of Comfort, Guarantees and Planning Permissions.

  5. The sales process
    We advise on closing dates, offers, dates of entry and negotiate on your behalf with the buyers solicitors until the missives have been concluded.

  6. Searches
    We will obtain property enquiry certificates, property searches together with coal mining reports if appropriate.

  7. Conclusion of the sale
    Finally, we bring sale to a conclusion, hand over the keys and repay the existing loan.

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